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Sysdesi User Interface Critic

Venue: Augusto Rosales Theater

System Name: Excellentia Solutions


This is a taxi management solution which enables the company to track their taxi anytime and anywhere with in the globe using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

User interface was very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The colors used  complements the logo and personality of the company. Using the web-based application while onfull screen or F11 mode gives you an impression of playing  a high-end racing car game such as Need for Speed or Gran Turismo.It is Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open.  Just like Jim Allchin’s Windos Aero, a former release of Windows Vista that is intended to be more cleaner and graphically cooler than Xp and the late versions of vista

The application also uses Microsofts’  newest program: Silverlight with Adobe flash integration to capture, view and save photos directly taken from the webcam. You can record your taxi driver’s photo and biometrics without closing the browser and opening another application. All ofthose as if you were uploading a photo in Facebook.

System Name: CHIPS



Chip features customer accommodation inside the Hotel premises through their iPhone/ I touch’s configured ip address to access the system. No more phone calls to the Hotel room attendant or an elevator trip going down to the coffee shop for a drink. With CHIP all those things are one touch from myiPhone away.

The user interface uses a minimalistic approach, it is one of its kind, out of the box and very user friendly.  Having a dark background allowed the bright-colored icons arranged on a horizontal manner to stand out.  The homepage includes: Title on top, menus and the large Icons. Just like IBM’s best practice, they model things visually with those 8 large icons that represents different menus and shortcuts.  Text are readable with the orange and white combination. With that case,  a glass of tequilla, a room reservation and a request for laundry delivery would be just one click or touch away. An edge significant feature of this interface is itsiPhone /itouch’s  home screen. It is a graphical list of available shortcuts that a customer can do inside the Hotel during accomodation.Say good bye with hard to click links , unreadable text and long scrolls. Plus, there is no more need to adjust your Iphone’s browser setting because this web-based application adjusts on its own . With those logos, even a grade school would know that the cup image means drinks, the clock means time and tv means media. Veryuser-friendly and it broadened the ability of C# with it’s Adobe flash appeal .

System Name: Business Operation Solutions

Rating: 85%


BOS is a Computer based application that will be used by Human resource, Operational and strategic Managers  for monitoring employees, forecasting demands and maintaining  detailed orders from companies.

A black and gray theme gives the application a professional but traditional system look. Before I could fully rely on this system I have to make sure that I have read the manual so that I would know how each menu functions.  Considering the homepage after log-in, there are no shortcut keys foraccessibility and all functions have to be mouse over to the menu before being selected.  The system used limited images like printer, diskette, delete and other more images for icons so users have to rely on text on some parts.

They could have used the blank homepage as shortcut links for actions that are usually done by the user for cycle time reduction.  On the left side are date, time and all pending messages or request from local area networks or other departments. They could make animations that would catch the users attention for important messages or deadlines rather than a simple text on the right side. Pop out boxes are too small and you have to scroll it down just to view the entire entry. Simple and usable.

System Name: Vii System

Rating: 80%

Vii system boasts an easier way of having your photos printed with out going personally at a Kodak store.

Now with less effort and more value on services, you can just create an account, upload photos, pay them online and they will deliver it right before your door steps. It also is a traditional website with bit of flash integration. A tribute-to-Cory theme worked with the company’s logo and color(yellow). Menus are not that much readable but a stroke or a drop shadow will do the trick.  Uploading photos are like the centuries old Friendster browse-and-select photo uploading technique. And it can only accommodate 3 photos simultaneously. That could take  a long time using that manual technique. They could at least try java uploader and be able to upload photos as easy as copying it in to a flash drive. They should also consider large-scale printing where in the  browse-and-select photo uploading technique would just annoy customers.  They could also flash easy steps on how to use their system on the homepage.










The answer to the call. (My Operation Blessing Experience)



"The best part of volunteering for Operation Blessing was knowing that through your life, God is answering other people’s prayer”

This has been my testimony after almost 9 hours of volunteering at the Operation Blessing.

In line with inspiring the youth to live for Christ and to offer the prime years of their lives in service to GOD and COUNTRY(KKB mission), i made this blog to share my experience.


Travel and Registration.

Time check: 7:58 Am. Ang habaaaa ng pila sa La Salle for volunteers kanina, wala na kasi pasok until Saturday and maybe wala na sila magawa sa bahay. Thank God kasi even 12 midnight na ako nakagready ng gamit at nakapagprepare spiritually, nagising pa rin ako knina ng 7 am with out headache. Well after buying rice and cans of sardines, Robert, Robin, Daniel and I rode a taxi from Starbucks Lorenzo to Operation Blessings head quarters at Makati. It costed us 105 pesos (i mean 5 pesos for my pocket.)

Pagpasok namin sa Bldg 8, La Fuerza Compound ay nagregister na kami sa Information desk ng forms and suddenly someone pulled my bag and heard a voice saying “Uy! akala ko kung sinong may suot ng “I stand-I win-I conquer baller.” kayo pala yan!”. That was Ate Aai, KKB from Philippine Christian University with a friend sitting sa donations booth. In charge sila sa logistics ng mga nagdodonate. I handed them my donations and let me fill out some forms (PCU) Hindi pa rin namin alam kung sa Cleaning, feeding, relief operation, medical mission. repacking o kung saang department kami so we finished the forms while leaving them blank.




















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